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The Kenyan legal and regulatory regime requires companies and state corporations to be fully compliant with their laws and regulations, failure to which the entity’s officials may be exposed to both civil and criminal liability. Corporate Governance Law mandates publicly listed companies and state corporations to undertake governance audits every year. In undertaking these audits, our Team of experts evaluates the composition, policies and operations of the Board of Directors and Management and weighs them against the law, guidelines and international best practices to gauge the level of compliance.

We render services in development of compliance monitoring tools; training of Boards of Directors and advice Corporation/Company Secretaries on their roles in assisting the Board of Directors On legal and compliance audits, our Team of experienced lawyers assists state corporations and private companies to comply, by undertaking comprehensive legal audits every two years as required by law.

We interrogate our client’s systems, structures and documentation and thereafter advice on the nature and extent of compliance. We assist in the establishment of legal compliance systems, train client’s staff members on legal compliance, prepare monitoring and evaluation tools among others.

Overall, we ensure that ethical and effective governance of business entities is tracked which contributes significantly to optimal performance of the client’s institution.

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